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Our Products

What you want, baby we've got it


Garden Center

See it for yourself

Check out our smorgasbord of plants and garden accessories. Annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs: we have everything to outfit your property for year-round color


Home-grown Produce

Chemical free, pollinator friendly

Mother Nature is pretty good at what she does, so we let her take the reigns in our organic fruit and vegetable plots. Find our fresh, pesticide-free produce every Saturday at the Hudson Farmer's Market.


Get Dirty

Life starts in the soil

Topsoil? Pffft. We've got something better for you. Our bulk bedmix is 1/3 clay (great for nutrient retention), 1/3 compost (rich in plant food), and 1/3 sand (just-right drainage to keep roots from rotting).

If you're looking to amend the soil you have, try our Black Diamond compost. Plants love it, so you will too.

To top it off, we've got your beds covered with double-shredded hardwood bark mulch. Ditch the painted wood chips and shredded yard waste you'll find at most stores; choose the real stuff. Nitrogen-rich, moisture retaining, and weed-suppressing- don't settle for less than bark.

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